Baby Boot is the name of a special jean type released especially for this coming spring by the designers at Hudson Jeans.

The creation does not come alone, though, but accompanied by four entire “capsule” collections entitled “Hudson’s Minimalist Capsule Collection”, “Minimalist Denim Detail”, “The Baby Boot Jean” and “Flare Legged Minimalist Collection Jeans”. For the minimalist collection, among the sellers were famous “Jeffrey” and “Barneys” in New York and Los Angeles, while the “Baby Boot” will turn to “Hudson” stores to reach the public.

What defines “The Minimalist Capsule collection” is, of course, the high quality of the denim material, but also the simplicity of the lines and the unwashed look.

The preferred colors of the collection are Black and white. Worth mentioning are the trendy applications (quilt like or simply pieces of material of a different color and texture). Straight or flared, you can always find a favorite piece in this collection if you look well.

For the “Baby Boots”, designers have reinvented the classic boot-cut jeans, which were at one point replaced by the skinny ones. The collection is expected to expand and transform during the next seasons, but the first pieces of it can be found in stores right in this period.

Source: missomnimedia


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