single breasted jacketsAre you five foot three or smaller? Do you have to shorten most of your pants, slacks and jeans? Do you find that what are capris on your friends are actually pants to you?

Have you found that it is quite difficult to buy a mini-skirt, pencil skirt or even a skirt that just falls at least at the knee instead of below the knee?

More women are petite than long-legged and finally in the past decade the fashion industry is trying more and more to accommodate those women who are littler or shorter than the other long-legged women.

Women who are below five foot four are considered to be petite. Some stores such as the Gap sell jeans in three different lengths; short, regular and long. And some stores like Ann Taylor Loft sell Petite clothes and have an entire petite section.

So if you are petite what are the best ways to dress for your little stature?

The most flattering pants if you are petite will be dark colors and pants with angled side pockets on the sides or hips. Also, look for pants that reach right to the top of your in-step as well as soft fabrics.

Soft fabrics such as wool crepes, linens and cottons are more flattering to a smaller frame or shorter legs. Look for pants with minimum pleats at the waistline as well.

If you are petite you need to avoid pants with cuffs and pants with patterns. Patterns will make you look shorter and stockier.

Also if you are petite avoid pants that are made of bulky or stiff fabrics and these types of pants add inches (at least they make you look like inches have been added) which petite women do not need.

As you are buying pants, jeans or slacks do not be frustrated or discouraged if you have to shorten or hem them. Many women do have to shorten or hem their pants so you are not alone. Look first to buy pants that fit you around the waist and the hips, then consider the length.

Are you a petite career woman? Then you will also need to know how to purchase and look for a suit or jacket that fits your frame.

Look for single breasted jackets, a slim A-line skirt, a suit in all one color or with very subtle matching tones such as taupes and browns all together.


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