pencil skirt1. First you need to determine which body type best describes you.

Are you bottom heavy? Are you top heavy? Round? Inverted? Hour glass? Pear? Diamond? Straight? Once you determine which body type you are you will be better equipped to understand how you should be dressing.

Look at your friends and family around you as well for women with similar body types to yours.

Paying attention to the way other women dress with similar body type to yours will help you understand what looks good and what does not.

2. If you have determined that you have a round body type this means you have a larger bust, fuller back and wider rib cage. Typically if you have a round body type you also have narrow hips and leaner legs.

The best styles for your shape are a v-neck neckline, and a pencil skirt. If you have a round body type you will need to avoid fitted tops and do not draw attention to your bust with elaborate collars or tops.

3. Is your body type the inverted triangle body type? If you have an inverted body type you have broad shoulders and an average bust as well as narrow hips and great legs.

You are curvy. To balance your broad shoulders you need to dress with pants or skirts that flare or wide legged pants. You are also fortunate to have the body type that you can accessorize with a belt over your clothes.

4. If you have an hourglass figure, you have a small bone structure and defined waist which many women would kill for. It is your little waist that we are going to dress to bring attention to.

Draw attention to your waist by wearing belts or wrap tops or even pants or slacks with a contoured waistband. You can wear clothing that is somewhat fitted, just don’t go too overboard and wear things that are too tight.

Hourglass body types should stay away from clothes that are too baggy as they will make you look frumpy and bigger than you are.

5. Just like the hourglass if you have a pear body shape you will know this as well. Those women with pear body shapes and types have a slender neck and narrow shoulders with a small and feminine waistline.

If you are pear shaped you also may have larger hips which you should not draw attention to. In order to not draw attention to your hips when you are dressing make sure you wear pants that flow.


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