petite dressIf you are a petite woman, then buying a dress can be a little difficult.

There are so many beautiful patterns and fabrics out there that dresses are designed and made with but there are also those ‘rules’ for us petite women that we should not buy patterns.

Also buying a dressing if you are petite can be difficult because the length never seems to fit right and we are usually worried about hemming and shortening the dress.

There are a few things to keep in mind when you are looking for, trying on and going to purchase a dress for yourself if you are petite.

First of all did you know that dresses are quite possibly the most flattering fashion choice for those of us who are petite? Forget about the fact that you may have to shorten or hem your dress and remember that as a littler, more petite woman you are ahead of your long-legged and larger boned friends in that you are more apt to look very good in a dress. Dresses are commonly more flattering to petite women.

While looking at dresses do keep in mind that while you do not have to stick to solid colors, a long line of a single color that creates a visual line from the shoulders to the knees will create the illusion of extra height as well as the illusion of a slimmer frame. This being said however there is no reason you cannot also look at buying a dress with a pattern.

As you are looking at dresses you should stay away from dresses that have one pattern in the dress and another in the sleeve.

Also as you are looking for dresses for your petite frame you should stay away from dresses with puffy sleeves, petticoats and basically dresses that are puffy in any way. Think small and think simple.

Also avoid dresses with dropped waistlines as well as dresses that end below your mid-calf. Actually the dresses that will look best on your petite frame are dresses with skirts that end at or shortly before your knees. Pencil skirts that come slightly below your knees will be flattering as well.

Look for dresses with a narrow tailored look as well as dresses that are slightly higher waisted. Also look for dresses that are slimming and just above the knee.

Another look you are fortunate enough to be able to wear if you are petite is the turtleneck or high necked look.


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