Monday, January 18, was the day of the big showoff of the 2010 fall menswear sets signed by Gucci.

The event took place in Milan and the pieces were characterized by a much cleaner look so that both the critics and the buyers could be satisfied with it.

Most of the trousers had a set of buttons applied on the ankle, which reminded everybody of an equestrian experience, as well as the bags and the jackets (the elbows of which, we must add, were elegantly assorted with the bags’ colors varying between gray and red or both).

One of the daring intentions of the collection was obviously to get together both craftsmanship and fancy, which the designers have managed to accomplish especially through the exquisite accessories like the up mentioned bags.

The same tendency was expressed through one shirt jacket in brown tones and by the leopard finishes on such trimmings as a laptop bag.

The Gucci creators have proved to be unique also by reviving the classical camel coat in a brand new association and by pushing in front Giannini’s velvet jackets (painted petrol blue).

All in all, one of the most clever collections by Gucci, thanks to the elegant equestrian influence and the inspirational style of matching apparently completely different and unmatchable pieces of clothing.

Source: nymag


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