Natural and earth friendly materials, a classic style and smart design – these are a few words that describe Furla`s newest Autumn-Winter 2010-2011 collection.

It has been designed to satisfy the needs of eco-conscious men who want to show an elegant aspect but also look serious and classy.

The creators have again paid a lot of attention to the smallest details, which prove to play a huge role in the entire Uomo collection. In order to make the accessories look more sports-like, the designers have chosen bold colors like blue, red and even shades of gray.

The materials used for the interior come in soft tones, which give the pieces a natural feel and also more chances and ideas of new combinations. They come with a 1970’s design, especially because of the special wax coating, which gives a shining look of glamor.

You will also find emu-print calfskin finishes on the travel bags (the details on the accessories get a lot of attention) and modern looking travel bags. The new favorite tone seem to be gray- also called “the new black”- combined with nuances of brown and green, all with a dusty look, mysterious, classy and, so we see, highly fashionable. The warm earth red is not forgotten, though, and it is the one that brings the breath of life and the hope for spring in the entire collection.

Source: fashionandrunway


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