Karl Lagerfield and Fendi launched their 2010 Spring Summer Collection of clothes and accessories.

Before jumping to the prices, let us see what the well known designer has to say about it. In order to reach a contemporary vision of Fendi, in harmony with a new decade of the 21st century, the creations need to be lighter, more vaporous, more feminine and poetic, says Lagerfield.

Therefore, the creations need to be as modern and contemporary as they can get, without any link to the past eras of fashion. The materials are innovative and the coming to light of the underwear (which is actually no longer underwear, but simply wear), the bikinis and bras with intricate designs being perfectly visible from under the transparent dress – everything is (or aspires to be) new, fresh, and breathtakingly modern.

As for the approximate prices, a dress can get to about $2,900 and a bra costs about $400. As for the accessories, the bags belong to a very elegant collection, the dominant colors are white, black and golden and one detail that is visible on most of the pieces is the set of small geometric figures.

It gives them a formidable touch of elegance (and also a trademark, considering the imprint says “FF”, as in Fendi), which is successfully combined with the practical design.

Source: elle


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