Lindsay Lohan got in trouble again. It is not about being charmed by another woman, nor is it about being pregnant and not knowing who the father is.

This time, her leggings line sketches were stolen… by one of her friends!

Patrick ‘Pootie’ Aufdenkamp seems to have unauthorizedly taken the drawings, which he now uses for his own line which shall be launched at the New York City fashion market week on the 18th of this February, way ahead hers that is.

The singer-actress-designer is outraged and the rest of her close friends say Patrick ‘Pootie’ Aufdenkamp`s gesture was horrible (on top of everything, they seemed to have worked closely together for a very long period of time, the last seven years to be more precise).

Although Lohan has been warned several times not to trust Pootie, she refused to obey and as it turns out, he has been using her all along. Apparently, she is too good of a person to see a threat in anyone and that is specifically why Lohan has missed on Aufderkamp`s bad energy and stealing tendencies.

She affirms she has learned her lesson though and she is looking forward to the New Year with a lot of hope and trust and will continue designing models for her dresses, jackets and trousers in leather, lace and cashmere.


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