From being a success in the cinemas to rocking the catwalk – this seems to be the destiny of the much awarded and highly praised “Avatar”.

Jean Paul Gautier was the one to express the inspiration that Avatar generated in a collection of clothing. The movie led his imagination, as he declares, all the way to the far lands of Mexico, with ecology and nature in mind.

Gaultier’s newest collection (shown yesterday, January 28th in Paris) proved itself to be daring and inspiring. Abounding in Aztec symbols, matched with boots that remind of the ancient conquistadors and jackets resembling the ones worn by the gold seekers, none of the pieces impressed more than the fabulous piece worn by Magdalena Frackowiak, glittery and filled with turquoise stones.

To bring the audience feet on the earth, Gaultier mixed some very original bags in the collection, the aspect of which reminded everyone of coconut leaves.

A reference to Orson Wells’ “Touch of Evil” was also present, through dark pants suits, followed by a crepe suit everyone was amazed by thanks to the checkerboard hips and huge hat, filled with flowers and proudly presented by model Karlie Kloss.

To complete the story, the French-American singer Arielle Dombasle interpreted a typical Mexican piece in the sound of cheers and applauses dedicated to Gaultier and his striking flow of imagination.

Source: fashionwiredaily


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