Androgen StyleAndrogen style is making a comeback. The runways in 2010 are sure to be filled with a new take on androgynous fashion.

The new modern take on the masculine meets feminine style offering clothing for men and women. This style has evolved over the years and is sure to be a hit next year.

The new androgen style, pioneered by Yves Saint Laurent, is a less harsh version of androgen styles seen in the past.

A dress suit with a tailored blazer accompanied by a class style trench coat, or a lacy shirt topped off with a masculine blazer are just a sample of what will be seen on runways around the world in 2010. These styles can be worn whether headed to work or for a night out on the town.

Not only is androgynous fashion making a comeback, but androgynous hair styles are also sure to be a hit in 2010 for men and women.

Accompanied with the comeback of the androgen style, it may be difficult to identify whether it is a male or female strutting down the runway next season!

The best part of this style is that the clear lines and neutral colors promise a comeback of the simplicity that can make an outfit casual and yet unique but never the same.


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