After a long winter it’s time to lose those heavy big clothes and get sexy.

After going to a spa to freshen up you might want to check out the American Apparel Spring 2010 look book.

This season is all about short and sexy. Short skirts, short pants, manly shirts worn with belts, transparent materials, leggings, colors, stripes, squares, prints, it’s all in.

Old and new, color or monochrome, tight and loose, large tops with tight pants, tight shirts with large leggings, anything you’ll feel comfortable in is back in trend this spring according to famous American Apparel. If you want to look like a schoolgirl, vintage, trendy or like a vamp, feel free to choose anything that inspires you this spring, at surprisingly low prices.

Also accessorize your perfect outfits with high heeled shoes or just manly ones, stockings, large brimmed hats and wide belts.

Although criticized by some, this springs line by American Apparel is all about your needs and expectations, it’s casual to formal, classic to vintage. You can find anything as long as you know how to match the clothes. Be sure to feel good in the clothes that you wear, if you feel good, you will feel sexy!

Source: americanapparel


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