dressing emoWant to dress Emo? We have an easy how-to guide to dress Emo with just 7 essential wardrobe items.

First in your quest to dress Emo if you are a female you should consider cutting your hair to the Zelda haircut and possibly coloring it dark(er) than it currently is.

Another item needed to dress Emo besides the Zelda haircut is the ‘nerdy’ glasses. I have a pair of these ‘nerdy’ glasses and they actually aren’t nerdy at all. They’re actually kind of horn-rimmed. They’re Coach Sammie glasses in the Tortoise color.

You also need plugs in your ears. Don’t know what plugs are? Then Emo probably isn’t for you. Now you have the plugs, the glasses and the Zelda haircut you are well on your way to looking Emo.

Now invest in some diesel jeans, a vintage track jacket, and a white studded belt. With these items; the diesel jeans, a vintage tracksuit jacket, and white studded belt you are sure to have the Emo fashion look nearly mastered.

A piece of the Emo look that is optional but would really set off the look is a Lebret piercing. Don’t know that a Lebret piercing is in your chin? Then probably the Emo look isn’t for you.


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