turtleneck- poncho-sweaterTo be warm and trendy is a tough issue.

Thick sweaters make a woman look like a fatty and combining them with various shiny accessories is hard enough.

Turtleneck poncho sweater is a trendy look to stay away from cold and be different.

The sweater can be short or long sleeved and it can be long or short in length.

Short ones can be combined with jeans and pants of every kind, however long ones would be better with tights.

The price of turtleneck poncho sweater varies from 700$ if created by Ralph Lauren but can also be found with only 170$ at Michael Kors brand shops.

turtleneck- poncho-sweater1

In addition, the price paid for the sweater might be fair when the poncho is used to cover the body line we would not like to share with the world and be trendy at the same time.

Plus, without paying any extra price, old, untamed pants or tights might look brilliant with this piece.

The item can be found in camel and beige tones, as well as other colors, however, camel and beige might look fit for the winter season associated with the same color combination of bag and shoes.

Before seeing those turtleneck poncho sweaters on everyone, it is better to have one these days, to start the New Year with a different warm look.

But at : Nord Strom


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