A lady’s bag tells the story of her fabulous self. It is only proper to say that the previous statement stands for why and how a bag is chosen and what is that particular reason, making a certain lady pick a certain bag from a world full of bag choices.


But how did the bags become style definition signatures? From the very early designers that made a name for themselves introducing in the world of fashion a creative new trend, the handbags became more than a mere accessory and turned into a way of putting a stylish punch line to the entire outfit a lady wears.

That “IT “ factor that defined all the fashionable haute couture collections developed a predilection for handbags and turned out to be a cocktail of features like style, representation, association and marketing techniques that make the bags be likable and desirable by their feminine audience.

So …getting down to business the idea of putting together a just scale of top handbags on the market seems a bit too much without the proper setting.

I am sure most ladies wondered looking over the women’s magazines all over the world what does motivate the price and the name of a designer’s bag. The answer is somewhere in the idea that stands behind that particular bag.

All these said, let’s direct our attention over the most famous bags that have hit and are still hitting the fashion boutiques and find out what was that certain “IT” that made them stand out and become craved items of style.

10. YSL Muse- The Straight Liner

ysl muse bagWell…when a bag has fans like Jessica Alba and Katie Holmes, one can only be sure that that bag is here to stay. Stars like Naomi Watts, J. Lo and Lindsay Lohan are posing with this bag on their arm while toting the streets on star business.

It happens that this bag was created for a glamorous woman, simple but smart, organized and into details. The Muse can be found in a variation of colors from white ,to blue and grey, the latest release –Anthracite  giving  a sassy note  to any outfit it is wore with.

It is the ideal bag for a business meeting or for a Sunday brunch with the girlfriends.

9. Prada Gauffre – The Elegant

prada gauffreMy, oh, my…we love Prada! The Gauffre creation made of Nappa leather was born in the Prada autumn collection 2006-2007 and turned out to be a keeper. Since then appeared on the arm of stars like Madonna, Beyonce and Posh Spice –Victoria Beckham.

The most wearable version comes in brown and has populated the Hollywood streets assorted to all kinds of outfits.

Jessica Simpson wore it with jeans and T-shirt and Halle Berry with a cute white dress. The Prada Gauffre fits a sport stylish look for a casual afternoon walk.

Like all Prada bags is designed to fit a practical but elegant women ready to go hunting for the latest Prada shoes or simply take her child for a walk in the park and looking fabulous while doing it.

Living for the power of example this Prada is the example how an ordinary “liver bag” can be glue-able to a fashion icon statement.

8. Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy 30 – The Urban

Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy 30 originalThe everyday bag of stars is large, smartly designed to fit the need of a cosmopolite lady on her travels through the city. Born in 1993 out of the idea of creating the perfect luxurious city bag was brought back in black in 2003 with the famous multicolor monogram.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy 30 is the ultimate shopping bag designed to fit everything from a make-up kit to a brake-up kit with a small Chihuahua in between if the wearer should feel compiled to take her pet for a walk in the city.

This comfortable but stylish hand bag is the favorite of stars like Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Britney Spears and of course Paris Hilton.

7. Fendi Spy – The Sexy

fendi spyHow about a gorgeous but nevertheless sexy bag of every woman’s dream? So popular because it’s mentioning in the “Sex and the City” TV show, this fabulous Fendi is seen on the arm of fresh beauties like Ashley Simpson and Kim Kardashian.

This queen of purses released in 2006 comes in banana shape, with short handles, in the every hip color from black to red and even crocodile, fitting both the hot slender dress and the skinny jeans. In short the Fendi is the “IT” item for a hot presence that spices up the city.

6. Fendi Bag de Jour – The Sassy

fendi bagAnother fabulous Fendi , this time carrying a logo moves on to the top. Cool lining and bold color is the definition of this bag. Relatively new on the top of the most craved “IT” bags has brought hysteria after being seen the “Sex and the City –The movie “- on the arm of Samantha.

Every girl was astonished reading after in “What’s Haute” magazine that this particular Fendi is considered to be the sassiest on the market.

It was seen wore by Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and Lady Gaga. The bag comes in many colors but red is always the most spectacular in combination with red shoes of course.

5. Alexander McQueen Novak- The Classy

novakredOriginally released in the fall of 2005, the Novak by Alexander McQueen brought into the “IT” handbag world the bitter-sweet memory of Alfred Hitchcock’s thrillers and the classic elegance of his leading lady Kim Novak.

The low number of releases made this classic handbag to be a treasure hunt for all the feminine collectors. It was seen wore by Christina Aguilera and Pink but also many more other stars.

The twister of weaved leather details is its distinctive marker and turns this handbag in a logical choice for a business meeting of an afternoon cocktail. It goes with trench-coats but also with a Jackie O style outfit.

4. Hermes Birkin- The Fabulous

hermesSo very popular in “Sex and the City” (remember Samantha going crazy to buy one) the handbag of the ladies that adore being bold and on top of fashion trends, this Hermes is the voice of every fashionista into a sassy/elegant look.

It is the star handbag among starts, the Rolls Royce of purses, soliciting the pocket, the nerves and the patience of anyone who craves it. On the market are over 8000 models in colors like green, orange, purple, black or white, made of regular leather or crocodile skin with gold or diamonds locket.

The Birkin is on the list of the 50 things you have to buy before you die; it is the ultimate “IT” and promises to stay on top for a very long time.

3. Balenciaga ‘City’ Motorcycle –the Universal

balenciaga city motorcycleYou can say this bag goes with everything and saying this you should mean it. Black, or auburn, grey or pretty pink the bag is spotted on the streets accompanying trainers, ballet shoes, flip flops, louboutins, sandals and boots.

This “IT” bag goes perfectly with colorful dresses, skinny jeans, shirts and tunics and the list can go on. It seems to be preferred by Sarah Jessica Parker, Olsen twins, Mandy Moore and many more as design stands out through paralleled studs, bottom buckles and ultra long straps.

It is the perfect bag for your favorite presentation but also for hunting your favorite pair of boots.

2. Louis Vuitton Satin Plisse Matelasse

louis vuitton satin plisse matelasseStrong new entry in the top of most wanted “IT” purses part of the fall collection 2009, this elegant purse is on the “lips” of all the fashion forums.

All of us know that Fergie was given one after presenting it and that Paris Hilton called the Vuitton house trying to buy one before it became available.

These are valuable proofs that this bag is going to stay with the “IT” wave for a very long time.

1. Chloe Paddington –The Boho-Chic

chloe paddingtonWith the handles fixed by teardrop pieces, a cinched key and side buckles this 2005 smart handbag stands out by it’s multitude of choice assortments. It is a bag with personality named by Vogue as the leader of the top five, elegant yet freedom style, practical yet chic. Halle Barry prefers it and so does Mischa Barton.

Chloe Paddington is the “IT” bag for a romantic lady but also the perfect handbag for a stylish star like look. The colors are many but the most lovable is the whiskey.

The number one wearer, Sienna Miller wears it on the street, while shopping and dining and even while eating ice cream. The bag fits perfectly a bohemian romantic style.

In the end what does make a bag be the “IT”?

It seems the rightful owner of this privilege is the feminine sense of style and also the considerable amount of time and money solicited for the “IT”-s acquisition.

Long story short, the larger the previously underlined features, the stronger the “IT” factor.


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