These days all the designers in the world introduce their latest creations in terms of fashion for next spring. Every country has its own way in understanding and recreating the global accepted trends, due to its cultural belonging.

Today the discussion is about the Tokio Street Style 2010.


What is hot and what is not?

The creations presented were accused of not bringing something new this season and the question is if wearing a bit from a bunch of styles is either sexy or too much. This year the designers proposed a strange mix of styles: post-apocalyptic chic, combined with denim, tulles, stripes, prints, western, animation, animal-shaped handbags and graphic patterns.

It’s a combination between the ‘80s, ‘90s and the early 2000.

Who decides what looks sexy on you?

If you feel like it, you can look sexy putting on a bag, but if the bag has feathers attached to it, you might reconsider wearing it.

It’s all about you and your sexy, original way in wearing the clothes you choose.  Denim matches anything, tutus look chic on ballerinas, animated clothes are worn by happy people, stripes are loved by artists, western is rebel, animal-shaped handbags are cute, so why not wear them? Sexy means attitude! Sexy could be extravagant.

Don’t overplay it though, you might pass on as being a weirdo!

Source : Tokyo  Street Style


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