The urban fashion dictionary has added in the last five years all kinds of colorful terms among which the one of “metro sexual” was almost the most controversial.

david beckhamI first realized that I know a lot of metro men when the People magazine covered the term in a very upfront article, giving David Beckham as example.

The part where only men interested in other men were allowed to have a sense of fashion was a common mistake that society seemed to indulge for so many years.

I, for myself, rather look upon a groomed, stylish, fashionable man, wearing the last trend in clothes and hairstyle, flagging a waxed chest while prowling a beach or knowing what is a Prada suit when he sees one.

Somehow, looking at my metro man friends I can’t stop for a minute and ask myself, how society did became so judgmental and ready to put at the wall and label as losing masculinity a man who cares about the way he presents himself?

We girls are pretty wired when it comes to think about what a certain guy should wear, what kind of hairstyle he should approach, whether he should wear a tuxedo or a pair of tight jeans …etc. Most of the times we think we know better than them what they should wear and how they should wear it.

Most of the guys are even now “dressed” and styled by their girlfriends or wives and only a small number can pride themselves of knowing what kind of suit should they choose.

fashionable manMost guys say with pride that they are not thinking about their clothes like women do, and also most of them see this as a sign of masculinity.

Of course I saw women saying that they can’t conceive their man to be interested in fashion and if he was, this will make them think twice about his sexuality.

So… is it really the case to see the metro men as a threat to our supremacy over fashion? Just thinking of my own friends I would have to say they aren’t.

I saw many times couples walking on the street and looking uneven as clothes and attitude. It is true that women, trendy and elegantly dressed at the arm of a certain male character will look as a valuable prize, but I have to say we, women deserve better.

It is preferable to have near a man who shares our passion for quality clothes, a nice hairstyle and who is concerned about the way he looks.

It is also nice to see a man going to the gym and going for a coffee but wearing the proper outfit for any of these occasions.

It is nice to see a man with a hydrated skin and a manicure done, wearing a hair stylist hair cut and the latest outfit by Mark Jacobs.

I see my friends doing this everyday. All of them are heterosexual, have an outstanding sense of style, are a joy to go shopping with and have a high appreciation for the way a woman looks.

They don’t feel that their masculinity is threatened in any way by their style and believe me; neither do the women turning their heads after them on the street.


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