Fur VestLong, short, loose, raw and without finish, the artificial fur makes a grand entrance on the fashion scene during the cold season.

All the old becomes new to underline the eternal definition of fashion and the fur comeback is perhaps the most outstanding example and it is present everywhere from the catwalk to the fashion magazines.

The hottest way to wear fur is to make it a vest. During the cold season, you can wear it under a coat and since it is a key item in the wardrobe once the spring will come it will look amazing and keep warm over a long boho-chic dress.

Long or short, fit or loose the fur vests are a must have for this season. They are comfortable, warm and depending on what other clothing items they are combined, they look amazing. The fur vest is certainly an item one can play with at will.

A very simple, yet original look can be created with a pair of skinny jeans or black leggings, a long sleeve blouse and a fury vest over it.

The tall boots added to this outfit will give a sexy air and make you look both stylish and casual. Large jewels do not go with the fur vest so wearing simple earrings and a few casual bracelets is always a good idea.


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