marc-jacobs22010 is definitely the year for colors.

Lots and lots of colorful designs that will make you look like a diva are everywhere for the next year projects.

In terms of accessories, the bag that must be worn in 2010 has to be unique in shape, style and design.

Marc Jacobs presents this elegant, vintage like bag that will enlighten your day and make you the woman that you truly are: outstanding, independent, playful, happy, chic and nonconformist.

It’s a combination between new and old, classic and modern. Both the shape and the background brown color are classic.

What makes the difference is the glazed leather with the playful applications of different geometrical forms and their beautiful combination of colors between turquoise, yellow, orange and purple.

marc-jacobs1Not to say about the detachable knitted mauve strap that gives a final touch to this original Marc Jacobs creation.

Just look at it and imagine wearing it?

Don’t you feel hot? Don’t you feel the urge in purchasing one of your own?

For sure it won’t be out of style for a long, long time now and you can bet it won’t be long before Hollywood stars will appear wearing this irresistible creation.

You can buy the Most Whimsical Knots at 1,945 dollars from the one and only Marc Jacobs.


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