If you had the impression that everything in terms of fashion has already been invented, well you’d have to guess again?

Have you heard about shadow jewelry? It’s the new trend and it’s here to stay.


Maiko Takeda launched a collection that will for sure be a blast. Everybody talks about it already.

In the Degree Collection 2009, it’s all about the shadows. Have you ever thought that shadows could be your new jewelry?

Well that’s what this Japanese designer is all about: transforming untouchables in accessories.

How did she do it? She simply used various forms of geometrical, holes and pristine outlines. When the light shines through, your body will be full with photographic images.


If once tattoos were very popular, nowadays you don’t have to put your body to torture anymore. You don’t even have to spend more money on expensive jewelry. This is the new “it” accessory.

The secret in Maiko Takeda’s work lies in the fact that she remained immune to everything that was in trend during time. She lived in a quiet, green area of Tokyo and afterward moved to London, to continue her work.

It’s the isolation from the big picture of the world which has contributed to her work. She experimented on things that surround us and we don’t know how to use.

Who would have thought that shadows could be used otherwise than in cinematography? Not even the world’s biggest designers came up with it.

It had to be someone special, someone brilliant… someone who stood away as the trends were in continuous change, a perfectly original idea from a perfectly original designer.

Designer :  Maiko Takeda


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