Takuji Suzuki is a rather new name on the block. His designs remind you of traditional cuts and clothes for men, at the same time there is something decidedly contemporary about them.

He uses traditional fabrics combining chalk stripes, tartans, mini checks and denim. The designs are inspired by military uniforms, work clothes and even sports wear.

The clothes have an in-your-face conservative style yet appeal to the young and cool.

takuji -suzuki1The Japanese designer has used conservative styles to design a contemporary cool look. The use of layers in different material makes the ensemble chic.

The use of predictable colors and unpredictable mix of textures is the unique selling point of this young designer from Kuwasawa Design Institute.

takuji -suzuki

To quote the designer his designs are “creations which ever existed but never existed”. His clothes carry the traditional look and yet look modern to suit today’s generation.

The use of layers gives it a very contemporary feel and the designs remind us of the British sense of style still not exactly so.

Suzuki has been designing his own lines of clothes for the last decade now. He started with men’s wear and soon launched his feminine line too. His brand originally named TS was renamed ts(s) recently in January.

Designer : Not So Hard Work


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