pussi-handbagRock is on top this season.

Peter Dundas, one of the most promising designers of the new generation, as Pucci said, maintains the rock’ n’ roll trend that’s been going on for some seasons now and created a bag that will surely be hanging on the arms of many celebrities from now on.

Despite the fact that it’s been very recently launched, the Marquise has been a major success at the Art Basel Miami the previous weekend, as the designer declares.

This bag captures and combines the spirit of many styles: gothic, due to its chic black suede and silver chain strap, punk, as it is pierced all over with silver rings and the classic style due to its beautiful box construction.

Non-conformism, independence, power, glamor, kick-ass, rebel, chic, must-have, these are the words that describe the new “IT” bag from Pucci: The Marquise.

For sure it won’t be long until celebrities like Ciara, Fergie, Victoria Beckham or Christina Aguilera, who are known for being Pucci fans, will appear on the red carpets wearing this irresistible creation.

Who wouldn’t want to own a bag that’s named as a tribute to the Marquise Pucci, a bag that surprises the elegance of the Palazzo Pucci and the gothic rock style?

A brilliant idea in a brilliant shape!

Source : Style


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