strapless dressesBeing petite can make you feel small and quite often can make you feel a bit unglamorous.

We think of the glamorous people as being the 6 foot tall Victoria’s Secret models and the sexy models on the runway.

It seems the more glamorous clothing, the more glamorous shoes and the more glamorous make up and jewelry are either made for taller women or at least just look better on taller women.

Forget all that you know or all that you think about being petite and not being glamorous or not being sexy. Start by realizing you as a petite framed woman can wear whatever you want and you can be just as glamorous as any tall woman.

Whatever the event may be; a party, New Years Eve, a shower or even just a date night or a night out with your girlfriends you probably have something in your head, an outfit that you are hoping to purchase that will help make you look glamorous.

As you have that image in your head think about whether you want to look into a dress, a pants’ suit or possibly a jacket and pencil skirt.

Once you have decided what the glamorous look is that you are going for there are a few things to consider, keep in mind and a few things to remember before shopping for your glamorous outfit.

If you are looking to purchase a dress for your glamorous look you are fortunate to be able to look at strapless dresses. Not every body type can look good and glamorous in a strapless dress. You can also look at halter style dresses and tops for your glamorous look as well as a one-shouldered and fitted dress.

Another glamorous look for your little and petite frame that will look stunning and not everyone with any body type can get away with is a tailored evening tunic which stops at the top of the thighs worn over a pair of slim fitting slacks or pants.

Look for a short and single breasted evening jacket that is cropped at the waist. Wear this short single breasted evening jacket with a narrow skirt, even a pencil skirt.

As you are shopping for your glamorous look for your petite figure stay away from dresses or glam outfits with too much decoration or too many patterns.

Stay away from ruffles, petticoats and tiered skirts as well as heavy fabrics or full skirts. Another thing to keep in mind is to stay away from the ‘black skirt/black pants and white shirt’ look if you are petite.


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