The last year or so has witnessed a turn down in all spheres of life. With a recession around, cost cuttings can’t be far behind. The last decade was so plenty of frivolous and luxury spending and the last year has been the year of economizing and budgeting.

The most obvious thing to be sacrificed on the altar of altruism would be fashion, or so it is thought.

Fashion is no more the sanctum sanctorum of the privileged few. Within weeks of the launch of a new line, budget copies can be easily bought and flaunted.

This has caused a few fashion houses to fold up, and the few resilient fashion names have used the opportunity to let their creative juices flow. They have come up with silhouettes which are not so easy to copy.

There have been a few sad stories, with fashion houses declaring bankruptcies, but a few have bounced back too. In fact many have used recession as an inspiration for their latest line of fashion clothes and designed minimalist silhouettes which are a statement in style.

Chic and understated, these designs reflect the times and have been snapped up faster than one would expect. Fluid lines with wide pants and knee length skirts are the hall mark this season. Shift dresses and leather tanks complete the latest trends.

Source:  Independent




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