Men’s fashion trends have been mostly straight for the last decade. The trends dictated a creative but very official or elegant style. The minimalist of the 2009 trends dictated clean sharp lines and blunt colors and hairstyle.

2010 seems to be slightly different. With a sense of glamor in the style, the suits tend to follow the trend of skinny men dressed up to emphasize a thin silhouette with slim waist line. The breath of 30’s when the men were elegant and very far from casual turned out to be outdated by the most surprising new trends.

Fabulous Outfit

The military is back with an exclusive line, daring, smart and especially creating a man ready for battle, charming, and irresistible, a modern knight full with all the best in the decorative patterns.

If Galiano encourages bell époque’s style, D&G and Burberry go for interesting fabrics and innovative designs.

Maybe the winter coats are not meant to keep warm but they certainly make one think about the charm of the true and valuable men’s fashion.

2010 fashion keeps the skinny trousers but brings prints and the greatest hits of all the centuries. The Musketeer coats, the navy wars and the pirates’ style may dictate a fresh breath in the men’s trends and also may promise a new wave of fashion for the amazing gentlemen of the world.

Source: Fashionising


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