Cold season brings out the best in women’s hair wardrobe. If fashion means to wrap your head in all kinds of ornaments, then you must obey!

Not in any way, but in an absolutely spectacular one, women are called to be part of this outstanding ultimate trend of decorating their hair.


Headgear field has never been more magnificent than it is now. It’s not about simple articles like hats or berets anymore, because 2009 winter forces us, in one way or another, to assume a different style of wearing our hair.

And we’re talking about hats with indented crowns, caps with feathers, turbans and wraps. Besides their protective role, these gorgeous hats are created especially for the thrill and for visual pleasure.

Reviewing all these new elements of gathering the hair in various covers and clips, we observe that the feminine principle is easily heading towards a wave of obscurity, ambiguity and fantasticalness.

Funny, bizarre and so unearthly at the same time, headgear vogue has become definitely unique and outrageous.

Once again, fashion proves us that women are, like a hidden island, still undiscovered. Just to remind us that beauty lies behind the female charm, designers invite us to meet and unveil all sides of a woman’s fascination.

Source : Vogue


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