cocktail dressSo you have been invited to a wedding and aren’t sure how to dress appropriately for the event.

Dressing for a wedding as a guest can oftentimes be nearly as stressful as if you were in the wedding party itself.

Dressing for a wedding has an added sense of stress because oftentimes attending a wedding is a pretty big social event and you want to look your best for your particular circle of friends.

If you are attending a wedding as someone’s date there will be added pressure because this person has asked you to accompany them trusting you will make them proud and not embarrass them.

  1. Pay attention to the invitation. The invitation will always give you an idea of how you are to dress appropriately for that particular wedding. If the invitation states anything like ‘formal dress’, ‘formal attire’, or ‘black tie’ this is your indication the wedding and reception are a very formal event. Usually these black tie and more formal weddings will take place at night so you will have to consider that as well when deciding what to wear. Men, you are always safe with an extremely classy suit. Women, you should wear nothing less than a glamorous cocktail dress. Consider other fabrics such as silks and rayons as well.
  2. If the invitation does not give you an idea of how to appropriately dress you can also consider the venue of the reception. If the reception is at a generic hall or outside you can be assured you will be fine dressing a little less formal. If the reception is at a venue such as a mansion, ballroom or club you will know you need to dress much more formal.
  3. Despite what the invitation says or where the reception is, always refrain from dressing too informally. Always remember it is a wedding you are attending. Also, remember it is always better to be overdressed than underdressed.
  4. Never wear tennis shoes, flip flops or sandals and never wear a shirt that is not tucked in.
  5. You do not have to wear panty hose no matter what season and no matter what your age is.
  6. If all else fails you can ask the bride or groom what they envision for their audience to be wearing. This is their big day so they will surely tell you the truth as to what they would prefer you wear.


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