black suitThere are many different myths and rumors as to what is appropriate attire for a funeral. There is a myth that if you don’t wear black you are disrespecting the deceased.

There is also the fact that what is considered to be appropriate and respectful attire for a funeral will vary among cultures and among religions.

The basic fashion etiquette to adhere to in regards to attending a funeral is the same; classic and respectful. Never try to draw attention to yourself as the funeral really isn’t about you it is about the deceased.

While you do not have to wear black you should also keep your color scheme in good taste. Dark colors such as dark blue, dark green, deep red, and other browns or taupes can still be respectful.

Oftentimes depending upon the personality of the deceased people close to them may have a different idea of what would have been deemed appropriate by that person for their own funeral.

For men the most traditional and classic as well as appropriate attire for a funeral is the classic black suit, white shirt and black tie. Alternatives to this classic black suit look could be a slightly more vibrant tie or a suit without a tie.

For women the most traditional and classic as well as appropriate attire for a funeral is the classic black suit as well whether it is a pant suit or a pencil skirt black suit.

During the spring and summer months it may also be appropriate for a woman to wear a black cocktail dress and during the fall and winter months it may be appropriate for a woman to wear a long sleeved black dress.

Never wear a dress that is too short as this will only draw attention to you and again, the idea is not to draw attention to yourself as this event is not about you.

If the service is at a church try to be conservative and respectful and keep in mind some churches and some religions prefer that a woman’s shoulders be covered. Do not wear anything too short or too revealing. Do not wear a sun dress and do not wear sandals.

If you have additional responsibilities at the funeral such as a pall bearer or a reader you may want to adhere a bit more strictly to the traditional funeral attire rules. Definitely stick to darker colors if you are going to be a more public figure at the funeral procession.


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