The new color trends for 2010 go anything but neutral. There is a lot of shine in the colors on the horizon of the 2010 fashion trends.

The pastels come back for 2010 and the mauve stays on associated with navy blue, brown and olive along with colorful accessories. When the weather will get warm the only neutral allowed is white and cream.


The lace continues to make a statement whether worn under the suit from head to toes following a bridal look. It will be a perfect fit to the three temptations of the next season, daring skirts, knitted items and creative jeans.

The lace tops or the lace garnishes go perfectly with a pair of elegant shoes for a romantic date.


The Asian air seems to make a statement in this season. If the very famous movie” The memoirs of a Geisha” is considered a very inspirational source the designers adopted the key pieces in the Asian traditional fashion.

The traditional Japanese women costumes are a trendsetter. This is why a kimono blouse and a pair of bamboo flip-flops are a good addition for this summer.

The collar jackets and traditional accessories based on floral pattern are also the result of this trend.

With the East meeting West the summer 2010 promises to be feminine and colorful.


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