The New York based, Venezuelan born fashion designer, Carolina Herrera goes on the tracks of Giorgio Armani and hits the Russian market with a brand new collection for the coming spring.

In a time of crisis, Herrera is hoping that the Russians, who were always passionate about luxurious creations and became renowned for their lack of restrictions when it came to spending, will regain their title of “the fourth largest fashion market of the world” and help her business expand.


Chances are few, though, if we look around at what other fashion designers are forced to deal with: after less than 18 months after opening their galleries in Moscow, Alexander McQueen and also Stella McCartney had to give their Russian business a break, while various other fashion stores were gradually losing customers.

For those who are curious and didn’t yet have a glimpse of Herrera’s latest creations, here’s a clue of what they contain: in matter of colors, you will find a lot of warm tones, from amber to caramel and deep textures.

As for the model, Carolina Herrera seems to have been inspired by the traditional baskets often found in Japan, but all the beads gave most of the pieces certain heaviness and made them look a bit too unpractical despite of Herrera’s experience and taste.

All and all, the collection sustains the designer’s philosophy: “Fashion is to please your eye, shapes and proportions are for your intellect.” and, for sure, it will find admirers among the Russian fashion lovers.

Source : New Fashion News


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