Since the Roman period, headbands became a clothing accessory used to hold the hair away from the face and eyes. Nowadays, they are so common that almost every girl or woman has at least one and uses it more like a jewel.

The fashion jewelry designer, Karen Morrison started a whole headband rage, creating this type of accessories suitable for Christmas party. As soon as the media began to promote her headbands, Karen’s collection was taken by storm so that her profits increased significantly; amongst the costumers being celebrities like Jamelia , Joss Stone and Julia Stiles.

Karen found the inspiration for her freshest collection in the Art Deco period and the flapper tradition of the 1920s. The designer says that headbands are very fashionable and suitable for Christmas parties, regardless if you wear a dress or a pair of jeans.

For making them, Karen uses a combination of sterling silver, precious gemstones, freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals and rough cut diamonds. These jewelry accessories appeared in magazines like “Vogue”, “Elle”, “Grazia”, “New Woman” and “Red and The Jeweller”.

Now, Karen’s great ambition is to style her favorite actresses, Kelly McDonald and Tilda Swinton. Her advice to young jewelry designers is to stay focused and determined, be passionate about what they do and opened to new ideas, work hard, create their own style and never give up!


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