milan fashion week‘Fashion Week.’ The term is thrown around like teenagers use the term ‘like’ leaving some of us to wonder ‘what exactly is fashion week’ and ‘what is fashion week all about’?

We have all seen the catwalk and runway models and we have all heard the name-dropping of Armani, Versace and others.

Well, clearly fashion week is a fashion industry event and it lasts a week, hence the title. The two main aspects of fashion week are to 1) Allow designers and fashion houses to get their new designs and new up and coming lines out there in front of the buyers and 2) to let the public and the media know what will be ‘in’ the next few seasons.

There is a fashion week January through March which showcases up and coming fashion trends for the following fall and there is a fashion week September through November which highlights up and coming fashion trends for the following spring.

Fashion week can and has been held in the various fashion capitols of the world such as Milan, London, Paris and New York City. These four cities are known as the ‘big four’ in the fashion industry. However, there are also fashion weeks held in countries and cities such as Amsterdam, Austin, Athens and Atlanta as well as Baltimore, Berlin, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Miami, Montreal and many, many others.

The menswear fashion week typically is held in Milan both autumn and winter, and both spring and summer.

Additionally, some weeks are genre specific for example Miami is largely a swimwear fashion week which seems quite fitting, as well as the venue for couture fashion week and bridal fashion week. Interestingly enough Portland Oregon features an eco-friendly fashion week.

There has been some controversy in the past in regards to fashion week and the ‘big four’. The controversy has been brought on in cities other than the big four. Artists, designers and models from other largely fashion-based cities and capitals such as Los Angeles are criticizing fashion week event organizers for not extending the more reputable weeks to their venues.

It would be uncommon to not find a multitude of celebrities and personalities at the various fashion week events. Celebrities like Paris and Nicky Hilton are a staple at these events. Fashion week brings music, food, drink, celebrities and parties as well as up and coming fashion trends and couture designers.


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