fall lookFall is here and for those of us in the Midwest fall is a welcomed season by 50% of people and an unwelcomed season by the other 50% of people.

To some of us it means fall fashion and for some of us it means winter and snow, ice and freezing temperatures are just weeks away.

But let’s not digress and let’s stay focused on the awesomeness of fall fashion! For example, the sweater dress is back!

Pair a sexy sweater dress with tights and thigh high boots for a great start to fall’s fashion wear. In fact you can get a sweater dress at Victoria’s Secret for just $70.

Kick start your fall fashion weekends with a black maxi! Your basic little black dress but not so little and much more comfortable. Pair the black maxi with flats or boots for a great and cozy weekend wear look.

Finally this fall brings us the fashion of a mini paired with t’s and blazers. It’s finally time to wear the mini skirt wherever and whenever because we can pair it down with less-formal items such as designer t’s.

One of the most exciting fall fashions of this year are the incredible new hand bags and satchels that are coming out. You can head to any department store where you will find the big bags that we love to carry.


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