tom bradyWomen can name the most stylish female celebrities in their sleep we know them so well; we study them and emulate them.

Well how about the most stylish men in Hollywood? This doesn’t mean Matthew McConaughey or Brad Pitt because of their gorgeous appearance.

We are talking the most stylish men who wear their clothes like they were made specifically for them, the men who know their designers and the men who take fashion risks. So, who are these men?

  1. Justin Timberlake didn’t just bring sexyback. He also brought sweater vests, skinny ties, three-piece suits, beards and fedoras back. Justin can wear absolutely anything and look incredible sexy and classic because he exudes that confidence in his fashion style.
  2. Kanye West is not only one of the most stylish and best dressed men in Hollywood but did you know Mr. West is also an aspiring fashion designer? Yes, Kanye flaunts his designer labels and is flashy with an attitude but you have got to admit the man has style.
  3. Chris Brown even looked extremely well put-together walking out of the CNN studios recently after his first interview after ‘the incident’ with Larry King. Brown is a sharp dresser.
  4. Muhammad Ali favored a classic wardrobe of dark suits, narrow ties, white shirts and buffed shoes. Its no wonder a robe of Ali’s sold for more than $150,000 at Christie’s in 1997.
  5. Despite his slight frame Beck is one of the most stylish men in Hollywood. His personal motto is to balance the cool with the fun with a nod to the old while creating the new.
  6. Other than being voted “Best Dressed Man in the World” by Esquire magazine in 2005 Pharrell Williams has been emulated and admired by fashionistas and designers all over the world for his unique yet classic style.
  7. Tom Brady may get dirty on the field but on the runway he is classic and sexy all the way. Brady, it has been said pays just as much attention to his hair as his suit. And his suits are impeccable.
  8. George Clooney is not only known for breaking hearts and commitment issues but also known for his sense of style. Don’t take it from us; Giorgio Armani himself declared that George Clooney ‘makes a suit look simply fantastic’. And fashion designer Armani says of Clooney ‘he wears the clothes; they don’t wear him’.
  9. Malcolm X (post prison) wore monochromatic suits with narrow lapels, sobering colors, skinny ties and fedoras. The man knew how to dress to impress.
  10. Miles Davis favored three-piece suits by Brooks Brothers and had a tailor create anything else. Need we say more?


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