fashion mistakeMen, it seems either dress really well or dresses really poorly. Either they dress to the nines or they still wear socks with sandals.

I am not being chauvinistic at all as I know many men who are extremely good dressers.

I know men who are the grungy dresser, the preppy dresser, the always have on a dress shirt and kakis dresser and the men who just always look good no matter what they wear because they are comfortable and confident.

There are, however some fashion mistakes that men just absolutely need to avoid and we have outlined those for you here.

First of all anything novelty (and this goes for women as well) anything with a wreath on it or a picture of Dave Letterman or whatever have you. Anything novelty is a huge mistake.

No shamrocks or animal prints and please no hearts or smiley faces. No Staples easy buttons on ties or socks and certainly no pumpkins on shirts.

Men should not wear chunky shoes. In fact no one should be wearing chunky shoes since they went out of style in the late 1990s. Men can still wear square toes on nice dress shoes but please men, put away the chunky shoes. For good this time.

The days of blaring designer names across our chest are out. You still see Jon Gosselin doing it but that doesn’t mean you have to follow suit.

Who says Jon Gosselin is a good role model anyway? Its’ kind of an understood and underlying fact that people who blare designer names across their chest want people to think they have money or they are ‘in the know’. Neither is true. Please put away the free advertising.

And here we find ourselves discussing socks with sandals. One would hope we wouldn’t even have to address this horrible fashion mistake after the 1980s were over. But, the 80s have come and gone and unfortunately men are still wearing socks with their sandals.

And actually, socks with sandals aren’t even ok if you just have to run to your car in your driveway really quickly and you want to slide on something quickly and easily. Even in these situations socks with sandals is not ok.

Popped collars for boys over 20 are a major fashion mistake. There are men out there who are clearly re-living the 1980s and decide to pop the collar of their Lacoste or Ralph Lauren Polo shirt.

Only boys under the age of 20 should be doing this and frankly we can’t wait for this trend to go out as well.


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