winter coatWith the cold season almost here, the fashionistas of the world should know that completely changing the wardrobe is not always a good idea.

First a warm winter coat from a good fabric like wool, a pair or two of boots, some designer jeans and knitted head pieces or French basques assorted with scarves and a pair of leather gloves will certainly make a definition of style.

Maybe caps or hats are not the thing for many girls, but this winter trend tells us to stay safe from cold, so browsing through the great number of designs, we can surely find one that would fit us and make us look wonderful.

As for the gloves are concerned , the option vary from mohair, angora or leather in beautiful colors, the fashion of this season allowing them to be associated with both casual and elegant outfits.

No matter what one wears, the scarf is an absolute must for the winter season. There are items able to fit any style or preference, long, wide and knitted, wrapped around the neck. The trend says that the bigger the scarf the most fashionable the girl.

A pair of comfortable boots, like UGGs are the best choice for somebody into boho-casual style while high heeled tall boots are better for girls who want a more elegant outfit.


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