cloche hatHats have definitely made a comeback as if they ever went completely out of style.

Hats have been dominating fashion runways this fall. Some of the top designers for hats are Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch, Lacoste, Nicole Miller and my favorite, Betsey Johnson.

Some of the ‘in’ looks this fall are the textured hat, the cap, the fedora and even the visor.

Marc Jacobs has come out with a textured hat that has been seen on fashion runways as well as Tory Burch’s white and black hat. Lacoste’s newly designed sporty green cap has made waves in the fashion industry as well as Nicole Miller’s newly designed fedora.

Or you could go slightly out of your comfort zone and try something new like a blue sun hat designed by Diane von Furstenberg or maybe the newest Michael Kors visor.

Berets and slouchy caps are back as well! Check out the white beret designed by Y-3 or the slouchy cap designed by Chris Benz.

Not sure if wearing a hat is for you? It’s definitely an accessory that is slightly out of the norm and slightly out of many people’s comfort zones, however it is a definite accessory must-have for this fall.

We have put together a little ‘cheat-sheet’ of the different types of hats so that when you go ‘hat-shopping’ you will feel more confident and know what you are talking about.

The baseball cap is not just for athletes and men anymore. In fact the baseball cap is extremely popular among women. Throw your hair in a ponytail and slide it through the cap.

When you think of a fedora think of Indiana Jones or the old gangster movies; a Fedora has typically been worn by men but again, is the type of hat that is becoming more acceptable and more fashionable for women to wear.

The newsboy cap is one of our favorites as they were extremely popular near the turn of the century and are also known as baker boy caps.

Of course we all know about the cowboy hat, the beret and the top hat but what about the cloche hat? This hat was extremely popular in the 1960s and has since made a pretty good comeback. The cloche can be seen on runways and in boutiques this fall as well.

Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson made our next hat famous and that is the trilby hat.


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