fingernail trendsSeems as if we have gone through all the trends and fads that would be possible to go through for fingernails, doesn’t it? We have gone through the French Manicure which lasted way too long.

French Manicure is a good look for a classic night out or an art show or even a bride at her wedding. However French Manicure for everyday wear is a bit much.

My favorite trend was (and still is) the black fingernail look. Actually the colors that were part of the trend were black, dark purple and even brown. I believe I had a color called ‘Private Wine Cellar’ and looked like a brown blood color.

Now the fingernail trends are going even further away from the classic French Manicure. The latest twist in fingernail fashion is the artsy-decorated nail. Even celebrities are flaunting their favorite art and even their causes on their fingernails.

Katy Perry has been spotted with leopard-print fingernails while other celebrities are sporting video games like Pac-Man on their fingernails! Other favorites in the celeb fashion world for fingernail trends are favorite athletic teams’ colors and metallic black, metallic gold and metallic red.

The latest, latest trend? Bedazzling your nails!


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