2010-parisThe comeback of the golden age of fashion defined between the 80’s and 90’s seems to be the inspirational source for the designer fashion in the Spring-Summer 2010 collection.

Marc Jacobs , the Vuitton house designer created for the next season perfect extremes going from jeweled corsets to fringed American cowboy shirts, denim shorts and lace gaiters.

As Jacobs is concerned the modern woman’s wardrobe must have fringes, high metal heel moccasins, cowboy boots, sailor bagful hand bags, sabot sandals and fur tail caps.

The entire Vuitton show was full of clothes inspired by the Wild West, a chaotic dress code, apparently without rules but also containing pieces inspired by the outfits Madonna wore in the beginning of her career.

Kenzo, under the signature of Antonio Marras takes the designer fashion to the dry Sahara. Marras built the woman explorer in beige and blueprints with a lot of knitted outfits.

The traveler woman in the vision of Marras goes for practical clothes, hooded tops, sarouel trousers and a huge over dimensioned bag able to hold all her belongings.

The ethno air was underlined by the elaborated belts entwined with jewelry strings. The gold was the star color of this collection and fitted perfectly the area of the Kenzo “Sahara” collection.

Roland Mouret has discovered the volume. The innovation is silk trousers with a skirt in front presented also in the shape of a skirt, in electrical colors both daring and feminine.

The 80’s made themselves present in the Mouret collection. The trench coats with tall shoulders, the Second skin cardigan and gaiters in black and white stripes bring back the golden age air.

If the designer fashion dictates a comeback of the age of snickers, leggings and miniskirts, wild hair and crazy make-up , we are promised a wonderful, rebellious fashion season able to bring back the flavor of  new and daring combinations for the world’s fashion addicts.


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