Everyone defines “handicapped” means “working with less”, but these artists made it opposite, working with more of everything: more freedom, more imagination and more truth.

The mentally disabled artists of Oakland, California’s Creative Growth Art Center have depicted their own view of fashion, what they see in their eyes, by illustrating their favorite looks.These artists are no different from normal artists.

The imagination of the artists soared to extraordinary places, enabling them to express ideas free of pretense, deceit and societal constraints.
Paul Costa Pucci

[Artist: Paul Costa | Designer: Pucci]

Paul Costa drew up a dress and a shawl. Pucci created colorful overall and put over it a green fur, ecological of course. Can this be a sign both crayons and fashion are going environmentalist?

louisestape balenciaga

Artist: Louis Estape | Designer: Balenciaga

Too Brit is too much. You have to admit that the blue hair is the best part of the outfit. Too many colors mixed in too many squares in something out of a cartoon rather than a catwalk. So yes…the crayon is better.

david alvarez rodarte

Artist: David E. Alvarez | Designer: Rodarte

Very good representation of Rodarte in the David  Alvarez crayon. The same “pretty” style, on and of color, gives a lot of credit to the inspirational outfit. What better way to advertise a not so successful collection.

isaac mizrahi

Artist: (l-r) Merritt Wallace, Paulino Martin, Barbara Rice | Designer: Isaac Mizrahi

“I dream of a dollhouse” fits both the crayon and the Isaac creation. Pretty much like wallpaper the dress and tight want to have personality. Failure with flying …bubbles. At least the crayons look …original.

luis aguilera marc jacobs

Artist: Luis Aguilera | Designer: Marc Jacobs

Luis Aguillera imagines a murderess diva …a man eater or maybe a red death. Mark Jacobs created a red female “walk the talk suit” vivid with red and personality. Still the resemblance makes you wonder.

Artist: Alice Ung | Designer: Comme des Garçons

This is an extraordinary look alike although the hair of the Alice Ung crayon doll is better than the one of the model. Looking more carefully the loose line of the Comme des Garçons outfit is not exactly street material but then neither is the drawing.

maria irma bustillos missoni

Artist: Maria Irma Bustillos | Designer: Missoni

Missoni aimed for a Russian doll glamour turned into a “too much color, too much everything” by Maria Irma Bustillos. Honestly, where in the world can one wear such an outfit.

ronaldveasey driesvannoten

Artist: Ronald Veasey | Designer: Dries Van Noten

Both the drawing and the outfit says “I am invisible”. Plain and simple, one too yellow on a too blue background, the other a failed attempt of going classical chic, define a transparent woman in a too colorful world.

paul costa zac posen

Artist: Paul Costa | Designer: Zac Posen

“I am an infatuated dive” says the pink siren dress. Well…the drawing by Paul Costa says…”I am too much for you to handle”. The same kind of note in both would say that Zac Posen disregarded the actual purpose of that couture dress which in the end is …fabulous but…nothing more.

paulino martin louis vuitton

Artist: Paulino Martin | Designer: Louis Vuitton

Interesting similitude between oversized head and the chic basque. Paulino Martin emphasized the face but still the resemblance of color choice and abundant lineage transforms a plain hideous drawing into a charming cocktail dress. Bravo Louis Vuitton!

marionbolton dolcegabbana

Artist: Marion Bolton | Designer: Dolce & Gabbana

It seems the clown outfit can be stylish when you are Dries van Noten. Still such a combination of fluffy veils and glitter is better suited for a clown than a couture designer outfit.

merrit wallace prada

Artist: Merritt Wallace | Designer: Prada

The she devil in disguise is not so much in hiding on Merrit Wallace crayons. But Prada made her redhead and kept the shredded skirt. Same boulevard walk, same “I don’t care about the world“ look. You‘ve got to love Prada …and Wallace for that matter.

minnie mouse

The mouse like outfits were in style a long time ago. Balenciaga seeks a long lost glory. Someone should tell them the leather is meant for biker style and combining it with silk is not a good idea. Still the designer made the cutest representation.

daniel hamilton rodarte

Artist: Daniel Hamilton | Designer: Rodarte

barbara rice lanvin

Artist: Barbara Rice | Designer: Lanvin

The mentally disabled artists of Oakland, California’s Creative Growth Art Center have depicted their own view of fashion, what they see in their eyes, by illustrating their favorite looks from the Fall07 collections. Paper Magazine showcased their works in the September issue, tranforming the runways of NY and Paris from an outsider’s perspective. It’s heartwarming to see how a thousand dollar Rodarte dress (rough estimate, I don’t really know the price) can be interpreted into something so simple and good.


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