Sometimes models trip and then there are times when models FALL. We have compiled some of the best (or worst; I guess) runway spills.

1. Milana Bogolepova:

Tough life in Dior shoes. Since elegant is seldom comfortable a “ballet” movement balancing the arms didn’t help her much while doing acrobatic tightrope walking on a rather large runway for 2008 Christian Dior cruise collection. Cool dress, amazing legs, stylish hairstyle and…literally “killer shoes”. If she couldn’t walk in them, how about the rest of the women?

milana bogolepova

2. Elise Crombez:

Maybe it was the fault of the hip aviator glasses or simply her tight upright diva walk, so proud to present at Proenza Schouler’s spring 2007 fashion show, made her forget she was on high heels and she should have minded her ankle movement. So one attempted slight turn and down she went.

elise crombez

3. Yulia Kharlapanova:

High heels are pretty much like …a high horse. Extremely elegant and fashionable, the fabulous Prada gave her quite a starter. Katie Fogarty and Yulia Kharlapanova followed her example, all of them complaining about the shoes being to risky to wear. Well if they can’t learn to do it, neither do we care to try.

yulia kharlapanova

4. Monika Jagaciak:

A smile and a raise of the shoulders can save you a lot of embarrassment. Pretty and delicate in a skinny dress and a lovable hairstyle , the girl went down flat on her little backside while on the catwalk for Herve Leger by Max Azria fall 2009 show. Although obviously hurt she managed to pick herself up and keep on going.

monika jagaciak

5. Karolin Wolter:

Same show, different fashion fairy in a pair of troublesome shoes. Either too loose or simply inappropriate to be worn the shoes allowed her barely three steps on the runway. The rest is history. The lady proved to be resilient, got up and continued the walk.

karolin wolter

6. Naomi Campbell:

A classic of the category  was all over fashion magazines in 1993 when the catwalk feline Supermodel Naomi Campbell, tripped on the blue Vivienne Westwood platforms making history in this section of mishaps.

naomi campbell

7. Hanna Rundolf:

A Cinderella movement, losing one shoe on the runway of fall 2009 Brian Reyes she was totally poised, elegantly picking up the troublesome shoes and continuing like a professional.

hanna rundolf

8. Adina Forzis:

Losing your hills is not a problem when you do it with class. Adina Forzis lost both of them at Brian Reyes show. Could it be the size, the design or simply the fit? Whatever the issue she could not handle them.

adina forzis

9. Jessica Stam:

Well it looks like Chloe created a problem for Jessica Stam. The walk was so amazing she had to “bow down” and hit her head to the floor. At least she got up and made fun along with the audience.

jessica stam

10. Lara Stone:

So famous today…but oh so clumsy, in Karl Lagerfeld, Spring 2007. Felt very ungracefully but kept on walking.

lara stone

11. Kamila W:

Vivienne Westwood shoes are always very dangerous. Spring 2007 was the downfall of Kamila’s modeling career. Her ankles left her and she was down permanently. Too bad this adventure fluffed more than just her hair.


12. Carmen Electra:

Beautiful party diva, presented at Max Factor Salutes Hollywood Fashion Show at Social Hollywood, the most amazing blue gowns, reminding more of a boudoir outfit than of a party dress. After she lost her feeble balance on the runways she and her colleagues Denise Richards and Kristin Cavallari considered that modeling barefoot is a good idea and carrying the heels in the hands is a perfect way to walk the runway.

carmen electra

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