working womanIf you are a professional woman you most likely are used to spending insane amounts of money to look professional as well as maintaining your sense of style. And, you are probably getting bored with your same shirts and skirts, maybe your same blazers.

Depending upon where you work and the appropriate style of dress at the company you may or may not have found your fashion groove in corporate America.

Here we have some ideas to helping you stay trendy and feeling cute while maintaining a professional image that the partners at your law firm can respect and appreciate.

1. First of all, if you aren’t comfortable sprucing up your professional attire via your wardrobe you can certainly spruce up your professional attire with accessories, mainly jewelry.

Earrings, bracelets and necklaces as well as dangling lockets, belts, shoes and trendy handbags or laptop cases are all fashionable ways to add your own sense of style to your career wardrobe. Have fun with your earrings. Earrings are so understated today.

2. Another way to add some pizzazz to your work wardrobe is by wearing a sheer cami or other hot tank-type shirt underneath a fitted blazer. Assuming you doesn’t get too hot and have to take off the blazer during the day you will be set with your own personal style.

This outfit works great if you are going to happy hour after work. Pair the cami with a pencil skirt or great pair of classic trousers and you are set! Professional in the day and party in the evening.

3. Shoes are a great way to have fun with a boring corporate dress code. Many corporations don’t allow open-toed shoes which is okay because frankly, we agree that open-toed shoes are not nearly professional.

Have fun with heels and boots! Have fun with colors! Pair black trouser pants, a classic white button down dress shirt and funky jewelry with red heels. Pair turquoise shoes with a grey suit. Whatever your style, bring it out through your shoes.

4. If you do not have to wear a suit or jacket to work you can have fun with your work dress code by using belts. A big, bulky belt paired with a slim-fitting shirt and pencil skirt is an incredibly professional yet trendy outfit.


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