scarf and handbagOk it is a recession and we realize money is tight. No one but the cast of The Hills has money to go out and purchase the latest jeans by True Religion or the latest handbags by Chanel.

Maybe even the cast of The Hills can’t afford to shop like that anymore. So we assume you are on a limited budget like the rest of us ‘normal people’ and we have compiled a list of fashion items that are a good investment as if making a good investment will make you feel less guilty when you shop for them.

1. Great pair of sunglasses

2. Versatile scarf made of silk crepe

3. Well-made 3-season jacket or blazer

4. Awesome handbag that will last you for years that is big enough for what you need but not too big that you resemble Mary-Kate Olsen

5. Well-made pair of pants. Pleats are okay contrary to popular and misleading belief as long as the pleats are not too stiff

6. Classic pumps in black or ivory

7. Pencil skirt

8. Great pair of jeans. In fact, treat yourself to two pairs if they’re perfect.

9. Crisp white shirt

10. Very good bra


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