diesel matic jeansMen and women alike both tend to love their jeans. Who are we kidding we all love our jeans and when we find a pair we love to wear them until they could walk on their own! In my time I have found many pairs of jeans that are my favorite and currently my White House Black Market jeans are my favorite so I wear them all the time.

I have a pair of 7’s that I love as well. So what exactly are the mainstream most popular jeans for both men and women and what are the reasons we love them so much? Overwhelmingly the response to ‘why do we love them so much’ for women are ‘it makes our booty look good’ and for men is ‘they are comfortable.’ That being said, let’s get to our favorite, must-have jeans!


  1. Rock & Republic Kurt Jeans
  2. Joe’s Rocker Jeans in Miles Wash
  3. 7 For All Mankind Bootcut n New York Dark
  4. True Religion Bobby Jeans
  5. Diesel Matic Jeans


  1. Corpus Murphy Bootcut Jeans
  2. Nudie Jeans
  3. Traffic
  4. Evisu slim fit jeans
  5. A.P.C. New Standard jeans


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