Katie HolmesHave you heard about the day that Katie Holmes couldn’t find anything to wear so she simply ‘threw on’ a pair of hubby Tom Cruise’s jeans and called it a day?

Although since the taller half of TomKat is indeed 3-4 inches taller she decided to roll the jeans to make them an acceptable crop length.

And seriously after this day, a new trend was born in women’s fashion.

That trend is boyfriend jeans and, not just buying a pair of jeans from the Express or Gap that are called ‘Boyfriend Jeans’ but literally putting on a pair of your boyfriend’s jeans.

The only reason I am happy to see this new trend is because I was sick of the skinny jean trend, and I know thousands of you feel the same way.

So how do you exactly pull this new trend off? Well first of all you need to decide if you have the body type to pull off this look and honestly it’s questionable as to whether or not Katie Holmes can.

Regardless, consider your options and decide if this is really something you need to be doing. Usually thinner women can pull the look off. Petite women cannot and should not attempt the boyfriend jeans look nor should larger frames. If you decide you are going to attempt to pull off the boyfriend jeans look here are some tips to help ensure you pull it off successfully.

The boyfriend jeans is slouchy and roomy which also means comfortable however also means it has the great potential of becoming a very frumpy outfit.

If you attempt to pull off the boyfriend jeans look make sure the rest of your look is tailored, fitted, accessorized and very put-together. For example a fitted t-shirt or cami and blazer or maybe a cardigan set with the sweater opened and lots of fun accessories to ‘girly’ the outfit up. Pair the boyfriend jeans and fitted tee with a cute shrug and great pair of hoop earrings and some bangle bracelets.

Celebrities and we ‘normal’ people who have caught on to the trend are struggling with what shoe to pair the look with. Celebrities can pull off leg warmers and a shaved head but that doesn’t mean you or me should be trying that. We are going to recommend a fabulous pair of heels to go with your boyfriend jeans, fitted tee and accessories.


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