looking youngWhen I turned 30 years old it was difficult to admit there were some things I just shouldn’t wear anymore. In fact there are many things that 30 year olds shouldn’t wear and it doesn’t matter how rockin’ your body is.

There are things that 40 year olds shouldn’t wear. And, there are a LOT of things that if you are 50 or over you should not wear. And, I say that knowing that in another 15 years I too will have limitations as to what I can and should wear.

1. Ridiculously long hair.

First of all, if you have long hair I would like to tell you that the 80s are on the phone and they would like their hair back. But seriously, long hair is out. Medium length hair is fine but long hair is out. And it is completely-no-excuses-don’t-try-to-be-twenty-again out if you are in your 30s or older.

I have a cousin who is around 30 years old. But you know what, it doesn’t even matter how old she is because her hair is ridiculously long! Apparently her husband told her she ‘couldn’t’ cut it but everyone knows she is living in the 80s still. Poor thing.

2. Low-cut shirts.

I mean really low-cut shirts. Of course you can wear an elegantly dropped v-neck shirt at any age but do we really need to show off our wrinkly and freckly cleavage after the age of 40? I don’t think so.

3. Short skirts.

Sorry ladies, if you are over the age of 40 even if you look 30 you should not wear a mini skirt. People will talk about you. In fact, people are talking about you. Be classy not trashy. Be proud of your age don’t try to hang with the high schoolers.

Pretty much the rule of thumb to dressing age appropriately is think back to when you were 20 and what 40 and 50 year olds you made fun of. Then, when you’re 34 and sitting with me and my girlfriends after work think of what 50-55 year olds we’re making fun of because they’re wearing thigh high boots.

Again, it doesn’t matter how rocking your body is there are just certain things you need to come to terms with and, not going braless at 40 is one of them.


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