pointy bootsI really do miss the days when chunky-toed boots were in style. I am ashamed to admit it but I loved chunky-toed boots. Then there was the pointy-toed phase which was seriously quite ludicrous.

The pointy toes were two to three inches longer than our longest toe. Those made us look like we had humongous feet as well as made us look like the Wicked Witch’s dead sister under the house in Kansas in Wizard of Oz.

Now I am fully aware the trend is somewhere in between pointy and chunky toed and I have a feeling this winter the trend will remain pointy-toed to neutral toed but most definitely will not go back to chunky toed.

Honestly I can’t believe chunky toed where ever popular to begin with. Then again, we underestimate the impact that societal un-norms can have on trends. Need I mention the leg-warmers and tight-rolled jeans of the 80s?

I think the reason I preferred chunky-toed boots so much is because we have high heels for pointy toes. In fact I have several nice pairs of heels that are pointy-toed. I was hoping for something a little more comfortable but I will just go out and purchase another pair of pointy toed boots for fall 2009.


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