shopping for clothesFirst of all you shouldn’t be shopping spur-of-the-moment anyway and if you are, your credit card should be in a block of ice in the freezer.

But assuming you have thawed out the cards and have planned and pre-meditated a trip to Macy’s here are 5 things you really should keep in mind before you make that trip.

  1. Before you buy it think about this, does it go with at least two other items of clothing you own?
  2. Take a friend who will tell you it is asinine to spend $100 on that scarf and to tell you it is asinine not to buy that pair of trousers because you look so damn good in them.
  3. Just say no to baby doll dresses. First of all they aren’t ‘in’ anymore and second of all well, they aren’t ‘in’ anymore. Unfortunately for some they seem to be the ‘impulse item’.
  4. Don’t forget to shop at consignment stores and second-hand boutiques
  5. Before you go shopping set a limit and make a list and adhere to that. Unless, (see #2) you take your friend and she tells you that you have to buy something.


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