fashion accessoriesHow often are you watching those ‘Fashion Dos’ and ‘Fashion Don’ts’ shows and your jaw hits the floor because you honestly can’t believe people go out in public in the things they do! You want to scream at the TV ‘the 80s called they want their clothes back’.

We have compiled a list of the top 10 fashion don’ts that we thought everyone knew and we are tired of seeing in those shows. We desperately hope that the guilty parties are reading this right now and can go through their wardrobe and join the rest of us in 2009.

1. Don’t wear acid-washed jeans

2. Don’t over-accessorize

3. Don’t pull up your socks in public

4. Don’t wear suede shoes in summer

5. Don’t wear patent leather in winter

6. Don’t dress like a teenager if you aren’t

7. Don’t mix seasons in one outfit

8. Don’t wear a casual watch with dressy clothes

9. Don’t wear anything too tight, too revealing or too see-through, we don’t care what you look like it isn’t an excuse

10. Don’t wear the ‘J-Lo’ jogging suit when you don’t have any intention of going jogging


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