fall fashionFall is fast approaching and it seems like we just got the summer fashion trends under our belt and into our closets.

What are the up-and-coming fashion trends for men this fall? According to designers this fall looks like a classy and sexy fall for men’s fashion.

Despite the current economic status and recession unfortunately men’s fall fashion does not look like it can be obtained for less.

Here are the top 10 men’s fall fashion looks for 2009 as according to designers Prada, Dries Van Noten, Dolce and Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, Versace, Giorgio Armani, Burberry, Ralph Lauren and Bottega Veneta:

  1. Suits made with classic shapes and sober colors and coats with wide lapels, double-breasted jackets, round toed shoes and trim wool trousers with thick cuffs.
  2. Suede, flannel and cashmere easy-fitting suits and coats and leather man-bags with that lived-in look.
  3. Leather bomber jackets, crumpled dress shirts, worn-in looking jeans and flannel tailoring.
  4. Dark sunglasses, midnight blues, blacks and grays as well as deep greens and purples. Trench coats with rounded shoulders, suits and overcoats with generous fits.
  5. Cashmere, velvet and flannel as well as the look of natural shoulders and soft tailoring.
  6. Sharp looking men with turtleneck sweaters, white wool suits, belted shawl cardigans and tweed overcoats.
  7. Gray, gray and more gray. Different shades of gray with white and blue thrown in the mix. Traditional attire such as classical tweed overcoats and modern clothes such as nylon shirts.
  8. Leather and cashmere jackets, and the rugged look as well as the look of comfort and versatility. Looser fitting pants and jackets and softer coats.
  9. Chunky cashmere sweaters and trim business suits as well as the look of velvet smoking jackets. Wool and silk trousers, sweaters and vests.
  10. Another look that will be in fashion this fall is the1950’s-esque clothing such as two-button wool suits, cotton shirts, thick and tweedy suits, big and heavy belted coats and collars pulled up.

Gentleman if you’re the sole fashionista in your home it looks like the overcoat, suit coat and leather bomber jacket are in, as well as tweed, wool and cashmere.

Women, if you are dressing your man it is important to realize while these respectable designers have their opinions of up and coming fall fashions for 2009 these styles can be purchased at somewhere besides Bottega Veneta or Calvin Klein.


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