Louis Vuitton handbagGucci, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Coach, and Burberry; these are all very sought-after designer names and who wouldn’t love a handbag by one of these designers?

But let’s face it the average person living anywhere in the continental United States cannot afford any one of these.

And if we are affording one of these we are most likely eating applesauce and pudding for the next few pay periods. There is an option for those of us who are middle income and want to eat more than ramen noodles.

We all know where to find knock off designer handbags but how horrible is that and can people tell we’re toting around a fake? First of all, the people who can tell if your Louis Vuitton handbag is a fake are most likely people you are not associating with if you have to purchase a knock-off.

So honestly, who really cares if certain people can tell the emblem on your Coach purse is not a genuine Coach emblem. And who cares if some people in Beverly Hills might be able to recognize that the Burberry Plaid on your Burberry tote isn’t quite right?

We say that 100% it is fine to purchase knock-offs as long as they’re close enough to the real thing, give you confidence and make you happy. Then go for the knock-off!


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